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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a new student, when do I get my ID Card and Meal Plan?

When you attend summer orientation in June during the resource fair in The Commons, you will be directed to the ID office where you will have your picture taken for your ID Card. At that time as well you will be asked to turn in your meal plan selection card which would have been placed in your orientation packet. You will receive your ID Card when you move into your dorm in the fall on move in day. You will begin using your card for meals after the Welcome Lunch, sponsored by Sodexo Food Service.

What are the costs of the different meal plans?

All meal plans for resident students are the same price. You are billed by the college for room and board, the board is a portion of the cost of your meals. Sodexo offers each student the flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their lifestyle and eating habits. The Ripon College Id and Meal Plan administrator will be able to assist you in making your selection, by answering any questions you may have or call (920) 748-8111.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

It is the Ripon College policy that if you live in the resident halls on campus you must have a meal plan. If you live off campus and commute to campus, it is not mandatory to have a meal plan, but you should have a Ripon Red Hawk Card – for identification and some access rights on campus.

Where do I go on campus if I have questions regarding my meal plan?

You can visit the Ripon College Dining by Sodexo Business Office, located in The Commons Dining Hall.

What happens to meals and Points $ if I do not use them by the end of each semester?

At the end of the first semester all meals not used will be lost, the Points not used will transfer into the 2nd semester. At the end of the school year all meals and Points not used will be lost. How can I tell what my meal plan balance is? There are several ways to find out your balances. On all receipts generated at the registers it will show your balance for meals if you purchase a meal, for Points if you purchase something using Points. You can also ask the cashier to inquire with your card to check and see what your balances are.

When can I change my meal plan?

You are able to change your meal plan at the beginning of each semester, up until 2 weeks after the start of classes. How can I add meals and money to my plan if I run out of the set meals and Point dollars? You can call the meal plan ID card office, (920) 748-8111 and if you have a credit card, Rally Dollars can be added over the phone or through the MyRipon Portal.

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Important Info

Your Cooperation, Please

Our goal is to provide you with the food that you want at a fair price. If you are ready to leave the dining area but want to take a piece of fruit, cookie, or an ice cream cone, be our guest.

But please remember that only food you are in the process of eating can be taken from the dining area. China, glassware, tableware or items wrapped in napkins cannot be taken from the dining area. 

Your cooperation on this and on other matters, such as minimizing food waste and even some housekeeping concerns, helps us provide you with the best value for your money.

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